Fishing in the coastal waters of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is always a special experience. The coast with its bays, ports and beaches offers many fishing opportunities and those who want to go by boat on the Baltic Sea have good chances to catch some cod and sea trout.

Prices for fishing tickets

  • Day ticket: 6€
  • Week ticket: 12€
  • Year ticket: 30€
  • Year ticket (reduced for age<18): 10€
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Fishing destination Baltic Sea coast Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (M-V)

The Baltic Sea is an area very popular with anglers. From the boat and from land you can achieve very good catches and incidentally you can enjoy the peace and the refreshing Baltic wind … This is pure relaxation!

Fishing from the coast

Surf fishing on the Baltic coast is very popular. Armed with pieces of fish or lugworms, up to three basic fishes with 2 hooks per person may be ejected. The target fish here is primarily cod, whiting and flatfish (plaice, flounder). Occasionally, this method is also used to catch sea trout that do not want to miss out on a tasty bait.
Another option for fishing from the shore or shallow water is wading. Here anglers wading with waders and wading jacket go into the water, in order to get from a sandbar or lying in the water rocks, for example, a better position for fishing. Here it is possible to fish a much larger area and to be able to offer his bait with the current. This method is very popular when fishing for sea trout, but also cod and even garfish, which in large swarms in the spring on the coast, can be outsmarted with this method of an active bait guide.

With the boat out to the sea

If you want to go for more capital fish, it is a good idea to rent a boat or book a guided fishing tour right away. Along the Baltic Sea coast you can catch very beautiful fish in different ways. With pirkins and rubberfish you can catch cod up to the meter mark, especially in deeper places, on old wrecks or near the fairways, the chance for one of these tasty predators is very good.
If you do not want to fish actively all the time, you can of course also go by boat and reach the desired target fish. For this purpose, with a natural bait assembly, equipped with lugworms or fish scraps, directly fished on the ground or pulled behind the bait. Plaice, flounder, dab, whiting, cod are hereby landed mainly. Turbot and sea trout, as well as rainbow trout that have escaped from Danish farms, go here also isolated the tape.

Big Game Fishing

„Big Game Fishing“ is also possible in the Baltic Sea. From Rostock to Rügen, regular trout and salmon caught regularly more than one meter in length are trolling. Such an experience makes anglers‘ friends jealous when talking about 30-minute drills and showing pictures of their trophies. Many guides offer specially guided day trips. This often goes far out to the Baltic Sea and a reasonable preparation of such a tour should be self-evident for everyone. The selection of the provider should not be fixed here on the price but on the performance and the own gut feeling. A large boat with cabin, provided equipment, life jackets and modern communication equipment are here the good sound. The dangers at sea must always be remembered, and very important: drinking and driving is an absolute NoGo!

Hints for fishing

For fishing in the coastal waters of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the following rules apply:

  • If you have already purchased a fishing license online and it is still valid, you can send it again by e-mail.
    If you have any questions or problems, please contact directly.
    Please convey briefly the facts, if necessary the exact error information and your complete contact possibilities!
  • For the waters of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, in addition to the purchase of a fishing license, the applicable fishing license must be observed. Fishing lines that have been issued by a governmental body in another federal state or abroad are recognized as long as they are valid and the owner does not have his main residence in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. If you do not yet have a fishing license, you can buy a temporary fishery license (tourist fishing license) from one of the local authorities in M-V. This can be issued for up to 28 consecutive days and be renewed as often as you like during the calendar year.
  • For severely handicapped persons within the meaning of § 7 Abs. 7 LFischG the annual fishing permit for the coastal waters can be issued reduced (10,00 €). The application (post, fax, e-mail) should be sent to the LALLF – Fisheries and Fisheries Dept. directly, with proof of disability.
  • In the mask „owner data“, the time of the beginning of the validity of the fishing license is carried by the system. This entry can be changed according to the actually scheduled start of fishing. Day fishing licenses have a validity of 24 hours from the entered time, annual fishing permits are valid for the respective calendar year.
  • Online-acquired fishing permits are not subject to the right of return.
  • Information to minimal dimensions and been times for all fish species you can find here.
  • You can find more information on fishing-related questions at


The coastal waters include the Bodden, Haffe, Peenestrom, Achterwasser and the Baltic Sea, as far as the German territorial sovereignty extends.

The country’s fishing license is not for
Unterwarnow and Breitling (Hanseatic City of Rostock),
Fishing rights of the city of Usedom and the church of Usedom in Usedom Lake,
the Lübsche fishing rights (west mouth Harkenbäk to Schleswig-Holstein).

Contact details

Fisheries entitled:

Land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
State Office for Agriculture, Food Safety and Fisheries
Department 7: Fisheries
Postadresse: PF 102064, 18003 Rostock
Address: Thierfelderstraße 18, 18059 Rostock
Telephone: 0381 / 40 35 0
Fax: 0381 – 4035 730